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Damp Treatment

We use our expertise to find a suitable solution to the four main problems with dampness in properties:

Rising Damp

A large number of older buildings and some new ones have problems with rising damp. Rising damp can cause flaking paint, peeling wallpaper and musty odours.

Bricks and mortar contain small pores and therefore have the capacity to soak up water in much the same way as a wick.  Ground water in contract with the base of a wall will therefore tend to rise up and into the wall unless an impervious barrier such as a damp proof course prevents it.  The injection of a chemical damp proof course is the most popular method of introducing a new damp proof course into an existing building. The process works by modifying the surface tension as a result of coating the capillaries within the brickwork with a water repellent material. The water repellent material is injected as a liquid or cream into holes drilled at the appropriate position and centres at the base of the wall to be treated.  
An additional complication brought about by rising damp is that ground water invariably contains dissolved salts. As evaporation from a wall takes place these salts become concentrated at the wall’s surface, i.e. in the plaster. The presence of these salts in the plaster means that even if the further rise of moisture is controlled there is still a strong possibility of decorations being spoiled because some of these salts (chlorides and nitrates) are hygroscopic. This means they have the ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. A salt contaminated wall surface will become damp during wet weather or humid conditions giving the impression that the damp proof course installation has not been successful. As part of the treatment process it is therefore essential to remove the contaminated plaster and for it to be replaced with plaster to a particular specification.
Damp treat Ltd can take care of the whole process for you from the removal of old plaster, to the injection of the new damp proof course and re-plastering.  Alternatively if you wish to do part of the work yourself e.g. the removal of the old plaster we will quote for the remainder of the process.

Penetrating Damp

Damp can penetrate through external walls causing problems internally. Dampness can enter a property in various ways, cracked render, defective pointing to brickwork, leaks in roofs or chimneys, defective guttering and leaks from plumbing. 
One of the most common causes can be high ground levels externally where alterations in the ground next to property walls via landscaping or laying driveways means that earth or moisture retaining materials are lying against the house wall above the level of the damp proof course allowing damp to penetrate through a wall. Firstly the source of the dampness needs to be identified and stopped from entering the property. Repairs to plasterwork and decorative surfaces can then be carried out.
Damp Treat Ltd is able to help with this process in a number of ways:  

  • Repairs to render or re-pointing of brickwork
  • Application of specialist masonry protection products to external brickwork and stonework to help prevent rain penetration
  • Reinstatement of suitable ground levels and improved drainage around walls
  • Application of specialist membranes to internal wall surfaces which are then plastered over
  • Removal and replacement of damaged plasterwork
  • Repair or renewal of defective rainwater goods.  

Damp Floors

In some older houses concrete or stone floors were laid without an effective damp proof membrane.  This means that damp is able to travel through the floor structure penetrating the upper surface.
Digging and laying a new floor may not always be a practical or affordable solution and issues around the management of the wall floor junction and the bridging of the damp proof course all need to be considered in any potential remedial approach.
Should laying of a completely new floor be your preferred option we can also undertake this for you ensuring the new floor has the correct damp proof membrane in place and does not bridge the damp proof course.
Damp Treat Ltd will use their expertise to find a suitable solution such as creating a damp proof membrane on the upper surface of the floor either via the use of liquid membrane finishes or the laying of specialist cavity drained membranes.

Areas Covered

We are based in Droitwich and cover all surrounding towns including Worcester, Malvern, Kidderminster, Evesham, Pershore and Bromsgrove.

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